Ian Brownlee

Ian Brownlee

Owner & Principal Trainer

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Selling Luxury Products

If you understand how the human brain processes and responds to physical stimuli and the sensations & perceptions they produce and then have the skills necessary apply the appropriate NLP techniques, it is possible to sell anything to anyone without asking a long list of, often impertinent, questions that may irritate the potential buyer. Every course is ONLY given in-company and is designed specifically to sell that client’s products.

An Audit of Expectations Flier

There are times when senior managers discover that there may be a problem between them and the members of their team. On other occasions, there may be friction between members of the team or between other departments or divisions in the same organization. All of these events can have a serious effect on the efficiency of the organization. Managers are often unsure about the correct way to deal with it and tend to refer the problem to the Human Resources Dept. However, there is a simple and effective way to deal with these problems.

Psychophysics-based Persuasive Presentations

This course is available in both Spanish & English. The practical application of the latest scientific research to Presentations and the transfer of these new skills to other areas of communication can make the difference between communictive failure and success. This two-day course with a maximum of 6 attendees permits intensive personal support both during and after the course.

Presentationsa Mentoring for Senior Executives

Mentoring is a highly personalized, cost and time effective method of ensuring that the client’s valuable time is used in the most efficient manner to cover their needs, wants and lacks. The client decides the area(s) that require attention and sessions can be given at any time convenient to the client : evenings, weekends, or whenever they prefer.