“Be bold and migthyforces will come in your aid.”
Basil King

Negotiation Consultancy - National & International

3 men meetingThis includes all the necessary pre-negotiation preparation:

  • Definition / identification of shareholders.
  • Shareholder consultation.
  • Scheduling.
  • Communication policy.
  • Logistics.
  • Negotiation “Rules” formulation.
  • Overall strategic plan.
  • Tactics & counter-tactics.

As well as:

  • Training of negotiators (if necessary).
  • Providing an “on-site” negotiation consultant(s).

In all cases B&A will sign a “Confidentiality Document” that guarantees that all information gained before, during and after the negotiation remains 100% confidential. All documentation developed specifically for the negotiation is destroyed By B&A or handed in to the client upon completion of the project. Furthermore, B&A promises not to reveal the names of clients who utilize our services.

B&A consultants prefer to remain in the background as advisors to our clients rather than assume front-line roles. However, if the client prefers for B&A consultants to “Front” the negotiation, this can be arranged.

It is a prime condition of any negotiation project untertaken by B&A that the client be 100% honest and forthright regarding the information supplied for the negotiation. B&A reserve the right to withdraw from a negotiation IMMEDIATELY, if this condition is not met.

Third party Mediation

discussion two groupsB&A are willing and able to act as “Third Party Mediators” when various elements of the negotiation are unwilling or unable to negotiate successfully. B&A consultants are proud of their abilities to remain neutral in any situation thereby ensuring that the best win-win outcome is achieved.

Audit of Internal Communication

Bseated presentation&A are experienced in providing in-company Communication Audits with the objectives of: – Identifying the global strengths & weakness of the company’s internal & external communication.
– Identifying specific areas of weakness (Section / Department/ Division).
– Providing specific and realistic methods for improving or removing these weaknesses.

Through a process of structured personal interviews, directed questionnaires, controlled group meetings and other techniques followed by a detailed statistical analysis of the results B&A can show you how to improve both internal & external communication in a way that is both cost and time effective as well as causing minimal inconvenience within the organization.

Development & Production of Presentations for New Product Launches

© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationB&A are proud to offer their services in the development of presentations for New Product Launches. As everyone knows, while a good product launch is acceptable, a GREAT product launch is much better. With this objective in mind, B&A will design & produce a presentation that will leave your audience amazed by the clarity of exposition which will make your product launch outstanding and therefore memorable. B&A will even train you staff to ensure that the delivery is at the same level as the material used.

In addition, B&A can also develop the support material used in the presentation. All material produced is based on the application of Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques.

Communication for Change

© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationTakeovers, Fusions and Closures. B&A realize that moments of great change in an organization can be problematicboth for management & employees and, if handled badly, can have extremely damaging short-, medium- and long-term effects. To ensure that undesired effects are reduced to the minimum, it is imperative that a logical, structured and PLANNED approach is used in communicating both internally and externally.

B&A can help your organization by working with you on a step-by-step plan to deal with the real and potential problems caused by change and then provide the professional help you need to ensure that each step is carried out successfully.